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"What Do They Have That You Don't?"

Have you ever looked at someone and wondered
"How do they do That?"

Well, NLP can give you the answers. We all possess the ultimate device for creating results, - the human body and nervous system, - the "hardware".
The question is, what "software" are you running and what results are you creating?

Short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP is the science of how language, both verbal and non-verbal, affects you behaviour. It deals with the human nervous system, explains why you do what you do ( not psycho-theory, but literally - how you are wired!)

This then offers vast potential for personal change - a whole range of mental techniques to help you take better control of both your personal and professional life.


We offer many Courses, Modules and Workshops covering the many life enhancing aspects of NLP - from Basic Rapport Skills, Finance and Wealth - right up to and including the Professional NLP Practitioner Course.

The Only Practitioner Course in Scotland

Prices range from £35 ($55) to £1500 ($2250)

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